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-Dailies are always the same "kill <insert a number and a mob here>" for most of them.
They are? Let's take a look at the dailies available at Black Hole and Section X (Republic side):

Black Hole:
- Criminal crackdown: You need to kill some bad guys, destroy some boxes, then kill a boss.
- Counter eco-terrorism: Plug leaks in hazardous material tanks. Necessary protection stims are obtained from enemies; it's usually enough to kill one group.
- Eye and ears: Sneak into a warehouse and plant listening devices while avoiding detection. No killing involved unless you're clumsy.
- Stolen victory: Recover stolen weapons. The primary source of these is from enemies.
- Forced labor: Free enslaved engineers. No killing is necessary to complete the objective, though you may need to kill enemies that stand in your way.
- Chasing the shadow (heroic 4): Objectives alternate between infiltration and killing bosses. There are plenty of other enemies in the way.

Section X:
- Bio-reform: Destroy devices dispersing toxic substances. You may need to kill enemies around them, and there's a bonus objective for killing them.
- Key to decryption (area 2): Obtain data cores from droids, then kill a boss.
- Long shots (heroic 4): Destroy the big bad cannon. It's necessary to kill a whole bunch of bad guys and a boss at the end. There's a bonus mission for killing stuff.
- The Dread Guard: Collect data from terminals, last of which is protected by a boss. A multi-stage bonus mission requires first killing enemies to obtain datapads, and later killing a few elite enemies.
- Priority containment: Repair and reactivate some stuff in a prison. Final objective also requires killing a boss. There are enemies in the way, and a bonus objective for killing them.
- Imminent threat: Kill some enemies and destroy their weapons caches.

- there are 12 missions in total, 9 solo and 3 for groups of varying sizes
- there are 3 bonus missions
- 2 missions and 3 bonus missions have direct objectives for killing a number of enemies
- 3 missions and 1 bonus mission require killing enemies in order to obtain items
- 5 missions and 1 bonus mission involve killing a boss to satisfy an objective
- 3 missions only require killing any enemies to get past them
- 1 mission has no enemies at all if done properly

I wouldn't say two out of twelve missions is "most of them". Even counting the missions that have bosses, it's still only half.

I chose this set of missions since I remember them better than the Belsavis and Ilum dailies. Also I think they are the most popular right now. If memory serves, the distribution is similar in the other places as well.