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Uhhh you mark healers and try to kill them first....I'm not seeing the problem here.
(This was in response to my point that suggesting we focus fire, taunt and control the smashers is a hint that they are unbalanced).

There is a big difference between a healer and a dps. A healer left unpressured can dramatically change the course of a skirmish. And this is how it should be, or else why have healers. They are a vital part of the meta-game.

On the other hand, when you single out a dps and say, "They are not so bad to deal with. Just focus all your dps, taunts and controlling effects on them. Simple!" that's a big tip off that something is wrong. If the classes were balanced, all dps would be equally dangerous, with each maybe having a situational advantage (e.g., snipers in huttball)
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