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I never understand these posts. How often do you want new raids? Once a month? Just because you're in what seems to be a hard core raid guild, doesn't mean everyone else is. Of our guild's 4 raid teams, only two have finished HM TFB and I believe they are both currently at Firebrand in NiM EC. Just because you have finished the content, doesn't mean everyone else has.
Well you have a point, but he has a point too, even if he isn't really right when he's asking for new raids.

Actually, the PVE end game is boring :
-Dailies are always the same "kill <insert a number and a mob here>" for most of them.
-Raids are short and every raid is always following the same script.
-FP are even shorter.

Players need something to do, or they'll leave. In my guild, some players are only connected for the raids. I remember a Casino in Nar Shadaa, why not add some Blackjack, Poker, etc in the game ? Why not create some REALLY LONG dailies ? Random dailies ? Multi-planets dailies ? And I wasn't even talking about the raids.

I'd like to see a Raid/FP with multiple roads. It would be too much to ask for different bosses, but why not the same boss with different abilities ?
Or something already in the game : the Council in EV was a nice fight : why not a bos where the group is splitted ? Etc, etc, etc.