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Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
You may solo queue, but solo queuers get in with premades often too. I've seen you in a WZ along with a premade and you still complain about the other side having a premade.

Tbh there have been times when I've been solo queued, and I go against you, and you're along with a premade, and you insult me and my team for not being good enough. It doesn't matter if you solo queue if you get in with a premade; you're still winning with a premade.

I don't care about insults or w/e honestly, but since you claim to care, you should probably stop insulting people for no reason as well. If all you really cared about was just wanting "to play the game", then you should keep your own insults to yourself.

Your not a piss poor player, afaik u can play the objectives but ur side **** gets old real fast. All the whinging and ************ about vendetta's/premade's is crap and kind of puts a lie to your claim about just "enjoying the game".
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