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Sabrina replyed As you wish, if we can we should make them run. Fear will remove more their number`s, than lightsaber alone will. she added, she new they probably disagree.
Sabrina followed Lanser readying herself to cut path through to elevator, she was ready to show them having sith on their side is a good thing. Though she still anoyed how rude they been to her so far, while she tried to be polite. Hopefully this may change thing`s, well she hoped.
As lanser charged forward, sabrina follow suit. She saw kill the first brawler with a knife, then she a large mob heading their way. She made way front of the revinte so not to hurt him, though this may hurt the dog in the rear. Then force lept towards them and let loose a force scream, FRAAAAAAAAAAGH some where blasted to the floor holding their ears, other`s just kealed over. She turned her head to make sure lanser was uneffected, then lite her lightsaber and started cutting down thoose in her way. She was looking for weaker prisoner, who they might be able to question later. Though the fight to get to the elevator, was far from over. Sabrina new this, and was not being caught off guard.