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01.28.2013 , 07:24 AM | #28
There is something like this for ATi/AMD users.

Just open up the Catalyst Control Center...

In the Anti-Aliasing mode simply enable the option which allows you to enable Morphological AA, that will help a bit. You can also supplement the Game (not override) by using Adaptive AA (this game is DX9 so it will work).

Try Edge Detect or the Default setting.

Very easy to enable for AMD users.. also performance is better on AMD graphics cards for this game (or any DX9 game to be honest).

PS... why would you set Anisotropy level to Low? That will reduce the texture filtering quality all over the place. I suppose this isn't an issue for AMD graphics as I don't get any slowdowns in this game using two Radeon HD 7950s @ 1,150MHz in Crossfire-X.