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01.28.2013 , 06:36 AM | #22
And a semi official answer for all of you.

We are a fun loving PVP Slight RP only guild. We have mass invited members and we are doing our best to train new players to TOR how to PVP. Pre-50 OCP will nearly always have atleast 1-3 OCP premades during the day and most of our guild is leveling to 50 via warzones and class missions only. Although there are a few pvers. They dont accept rude behavior in the guild. And by the time our players turn 50 which quite a few have, we are gearing them and testing their strength.

So give us some time and we hope to be a high quality 50bracket guild. We roll 50 premade's very often now too, with a high win ratio in non ranked.

Cheers everyone! Say hi to Myrick in game if you see me.