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For rotation check out this amazing site:
Please do not call amazing site (unless by amazing you mean amazingly stupid)

Now granted, if you look just the first part of the rotations there, it is fairly good and can be of some good help for someone new to the class, but that is all.

I would not recommend for anyone ever.

Almost everything else they say about assassin tanks is completely wrong!
(and every single guide for every class contains noteworthy mistakes)

Their stat priority especially when it comes to the values you should get each stat is terribly wrong, not even anywhere near what they should be.
(You should rather go for something more like: 30% defense, 45% shield chance (that is 65 with dark ward up) and 60% absorption, and not the ridiculous numbers Noxxic gives you which are just copy pasted from other classes guides that have different priorities (although the numbers are not correct for other classes either.))

Their explanation about how accuracy rating works is completely wrong.
(in reality ops bosses or any pve mobs do not avoid force/tech attacks with their defense chance (the special attacks that can be defended are melee/ranged special attacks, not force/tech attacks) so accuracy does not benefit force/tech abilities at all. And the optimal accuracy for tanks is 0, not 330 like noxxic falsely claims)

Even on the rotations and cooldowns pages there are few epic fail mistakes
(such as listing Force Cloak + Force Shroud together as if those abilities were somehow supposed to be used together which is just stupid. Force Shroud is one of your best defensive cooldowns if used at the right time, making you immune to all force/tech damage, but you can't use Force Cloak at the same time as that would just cause the tank to loose aggro and fail. Threat reduction abilities should not even be listed for tanks as survivability cooldowns. Force Cloak as a tank is only useful for few rare special situations for things like refreshing those medpacks that can otherwise be used only once per combat)