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Wow. It looks great. However that Dxtory thing. I'm using the free trial and couldn't bring up a profile other than Default. Also I was a little confused by the "Anisotropic Filtering" you mentioned. In SWTOR, under Graphics preferences, did you mean "Texture Anistropy" setting? One more question. Does Nvidia Inspector need to be open while playing? I'm assuming it can be closed after any changes are applied.

Thanks for this. I have a similar set up as you. Except I am using a 670 windforce.
All my settings are maxed out in the graphics tab of SWTOR (in-game), expect :
_"Texture Anisotropy": LOW
_VSYNC: OFF (uncheck the little square, its the first thing that shows in the graphics tab of SWTOR in-game)

Yes you can close Nvidia Inspector after you pressed the button on the top right corner that says "Apply Changes". It will apply the changes to swtor.exe ( the game ), so when it's done it can be closed as it served its purpose already. If you can't use a proper Dxtory version then nvidia inspector tool also has a frame rate limiter that you can use, scroll a bit down AFTER you open the SWTOR profile , choose what you want and then Apply Changes. Limiting frame rates is completely optional, see if you prefer using or not.

@jedip_enguin: Yes it should impact your performance. However if you were already forcing AA through drivers this should smooth things up. The LOD Bias setting to -1,000 also causes an impact as it makes the game prettier so just leave that at default if it's too much.

@Dimvou : Sorry mate but this only works with Nvidia Cards. I had a AMD one before this one and although it didn't make the all the jaggies go away forcing Supersampling AA through Catalyst Control Center was better than in-game AA. It's possible to change the LOD bias setting though with AMD to make texture pop out more, you ll have to research how because I 'm not aware of it.

@Degarmo : There shouldn't be any difference between Driver Version 310.90 and 310.64 but I can't confirm that. Make sure you have Vsync and AA turned off in-game. See very carefuly the picture I posted of my Nvidia Inspector settings and see if something is missing. One setting at a time seeif you can match them.
Go to your SWTOR .ini file located probably at yourusername/Appdata/Local/SWTOR/settings, open the client_settings.ini. Make sure there is no Anti-Aliasing line written in there, if there is delete it.

Those settings are tweaked to work flawlessly with a GTX 680, if you have a weaker graphics card I recommend testing with 2x AA instead of 4. Or as I said before don't improve textures with LOD Bias -1,000 leave at default if it's too much. Also test with the various Pre-Rendered frames to 1 or 2 or 4 or leave at default.

The difference visually it's huge with this AA setting, gameplay wise it makes it run like butter under similar setup. Bioware shame on you to release a game without AA at first and then giving us a lame in-game AA!! It's like making a pretty game and then taking a huge dump on it. Gladly there is a way to make ALL of those jaggies disappear which makes the game look truly stunning.

Good luck and nvidia users: learn how to use Nvidia Inspector as it saves you in other games also, not only SWTOR. Better FPS, better AA etc. It's a great tool!