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Biowares utterly insane design decision never cease to amaze me. No wonder this game has crashed & burnt loosing 1+ million subscribers in a year.

Which sane MMO would force a PvE player into a PvP zone for a story quest? Bioware thats who.

& dont get me started on gating HK behind doing a HM Flashpoint. Way to go killing your game Bioware!

Lets deny the majority of MMO players nowadays (casual PvE'ers) from getting the a beloved companion from the Kotor games!

Lunacy. Utter fin lunacy.
Not lunacy really. We just have to realise that PvE servers aren't. PvE that is.
Bioware wanted to make a game about the (luke warm) war between Republic and Empire. The game always was about PvP. They just did not want to force everbody into open world PvP all the time (because experience taught game developers that only a tiny fraction of the potential player base likes that kind of gameplay).
PvE really means "Pvp Eventually"