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Well I went to watch the TCW movie in 2008, it's ok. But I soon lost interest of the TV series because it's lack of focus and a bit childish.

It got some good ideas but due to lack of focus, they couldn't expand the idea well enough, a few good episodes but the story still need further development, then it just discontinued and switched to some child arc.

Satine is my favorite SW female character, I even wrote a fanfic of her and Anakin. The Mortis episodes are quite good, too. Too bad FOTJ made Abeloth but that's not TCW.

A HUGE flaw is the villians are just weak or dumb or both, at least compare to their EU selves. CW is short but it made all the villains strong and scary. In TCW GG turned into a clown who got beaten by gungans, I'm not asking for a CW GG but not like that. Durge has no appearance, Ventress went non evil. Dooku fought by himself too much rather than stay behind the stage and train others to do the works for him, even got owned a few times. Even Palpatine, he gave sinister smile whenever he had the chance, I don't get it, why? To let the kids know he's a evil guy? He should be very carefully hide his identity, and soon we are going to see him go by himself to deal with Maul rather than use Anakin or Dooku, both of them hate Maul like hell.

Maul's return is not good since it brought dead villain back, but it gave us a really tough and scary villain. I started to tightly follow TCW after his return. I think his return could create great story, since Palpatine could use him, Anakin, Dooku and Obi Wan all hate him for the same reason. It could be a very awesome arc if they focus on it in season 5. However, instead we saw they made so many child arc like the droid and Onderon arc, then the Maul brothers arc is clearly short of time, everything is too rushed, both Vizsla and Satine(Soon Sidious) went stupid to push the story go quickly. I actually expected Maul would kill Satine right after seeing him return and even I wrote a better story than TCW. That reflected the flaw of TCW again, they could not focus enough and make a long, good arc which develop the characters and expand the plot well enough. I guess I will stop follow it again after Satine's death.