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actually, I LOVE Xalek. He just has this Sithy feel to him, and I would switch to have him as my SW companion instead of Pierce. He's a good apprentice, he's loyal, and he's one dang good tank!

i dunno why everyone hates him. the moment he just punched the Twi'lek down in front of Harken made me instantly think, "Wow, this guy is a bad***". He's a great tank, and I often can't decide between him and Khem Val.

However, yet again I can't say I'm a Jaesa fan. I want a real Sith APPRENTICE! we have enough double-blade wielders without Jaesa, and now Nomen Karr's lost padawan ends up on my ship. She's a good DPS, and I respect her for that, but the split personallity thing just makes me feel awkward. On one hand you've got a crazy ***** who is desperate for a *******, but on the other hand is the goody two-shoes Jedi who wants to change the Empire. Something in the middle, please? A companion with a single-bladed lightsaber? Thank you.
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