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Star Wars fans are the worst. I should know, I'm pretty into it myself. Very divided communities, people who hate the prequels, people who hate the EU, people who hate Ewoks, but the most interesting group is the one that hates TCW.

until season 3 of TCW was airing, I was in the "this show sucks" camp. I was younger when the original CW show aired, and liked it when I was able to watch the whole thing at once. it was entertaining to watch and had some neat stuff happen. So years later when a new TCW came out, and was preceeded by a sub-par theatrical release animated movie with a youngling main character, i wasn't too thrilled.

I was on forums spouting the same "this show sucks, it's childish and lame" comments so many others posted. Then I started watching episodes in the background while I was doing other things (such as playing TOR). All of a sudden, things started happening in the show that I cared about. I began to start liking the characters, and then suddenly I was as immersed in TCW as I am in the books.

I'll try and address some comments I've seen in opposition to the show:

-"It's aimed at kids"
Half of my life as a star wars fan was spent as a kid. I was 10 when I saw Episode IV. Just because it's aimed at kids doesn't mean anything bad. So was the original Clone Wars series, so was Transformers and Dragonball Z. All aimed at kids, all awesome.

-"it's censored because it's on a kids network"
By the sheer virtue of being Star Wars, TCW gets away with more violence than almost any other "kids" show I can think of. The fact that most deaths are droids or clones seems to give them a bit of leeway with their ability to show violence, that said, characters die all the time in this show, sometimes people are just murdered in cold blood. They might not show an actual decapitation (unless they're in body armor) but they'll sure make it obvious that it is happening. In fact, it's difficult to think of other shows with as high a body count as TCW

-"It's not as good as the original Clone Wars series"
I understand people are a fan of the samurai jack animation, and that series definitely had some good moments, but really, that series was about 2 hours long, and had very little in the way of plot or dialogue. it was cool fight scenes. This series doesn't necessarily overwrite it either, as the original is mainly pre-knighted Anakin, and this series is post-knighted anakin, with a padawan of his own. which brings me to...

people in my group of friends who have seen the whole series still don't care for her, meanwhile all my female friends who enjoy the show absolutely adore and obsess over her. (This is a good thing, more female SW fans). I personally hated her at the start of the show. I also agree, she seemed too powerful at times. Over time however, I came to like the character. I think of her as a bit of a prodigy, and it is only natural that her master is the man who will become Vader. Much of his personality rubs off on her too. Once she gets her Shoto and starts dual wielding, she gets some of the best fight scenes. Also she develops a bit coming into the later seasons. Also a good thing.

-"I don't like the prequel era"
Fair enough. I kind of agree. In fact my giant EU bookshelf is only really missing books from this era. Part of which was the characters. Anakin Skywalker? ew, you mean little boy and Hayden? I hate sand, it's coarse and it gets in everything. Obi Wan is always holding me back. How is this the man who becomes Darth Vader? Here's the Answer: The Clone Wars. This is the war that changes him, these are the events that shape him, and teach him why the Jedi Order is flawed, no, the entire galaxy. Anakin Skywalker in TCW is Darth Vader, and as the show goes on you will see it more and more (Anakin always goes for darkside points). Not to mention that Obi Wan is the epitome of a Jedi Knight.

-"it's non-canon"
Wrong, it is more canon than this game is. Only media in all of Star Wars that is more canon than TCW are the movies themselves. This is an official fact, and not a matter of opinion

-"it messes with the canon"
at first, yes, it definitely seemed to. Pacifist Mandalore? ***? Anakin having an apprentice? At first, I had to take a lot of this with a grain of salt. Pretty soon I started seeing more and more nods to the EU, and I started to realize, the people who are making this series know what they are doing, and they aren't just blindly stomping over SW lore (in fact they almost even had Bane and Revan show up at one point). Case in point, Pacifist Mandalore, which has been effectively ended as of the recent arc which re-establishes Mandalore as the warrior world that fits the canon. Better yet, the show does it in an interesting convergence of arcs that have been developing over multiple seasons. Also Ahsoka's addition is in my opinion, going to be the greatest catalyst for Anakin's downfall, as whatever happens to her, is likely in Anakin's mind throughout Season 3 and impacting his judgements.

There are likely many others. Either way though, As a reformed TCW hater, I am curious as to why people dislike the show so much. If you post, please provide an explanation for your feelings (posts like "this show sucks" are not constructive, as we already know there are TCW haters out there, the purpose of this thread is to learn why).


TL;DR: If you dislike this show, please give your reason why

Want to give TCW a chance, but not ready to suffer through the early seasons? I recommend starting at Season 3.12. This is a good arc involving Asaaj Ventress, and sets the stage for many events to come. It also features Dooku as Darth Tyrannis, Dark Lord of the Sith. (I mean you see why he is worthy of the title Darth).