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how have i missed all this! Anways, rally my Kun supporters! This fight isn't over yet!

Duel: Kun could defeat both Traya and Xizor in a one-on-one, but I'm having doubts that either would fight him.

Troops: Kun has the support of the Massassi, the Krath and their wardroids, his 20 exceptionally skilled fallen Jedi disciples, and the Mandos with their Basilisk wardroids. Traya has an army of Sith assassins, and Xizor has an army of mercs and anything else he can get with credits. I'm gonna have to give this one to Kun for troop diversity and adaptibility, although Xizor would be a great match with his credits, and Traya's assassins must be good at what they do. However, assassins aren't really soldiers and the mercs could be bought out

Fleet: The Tetan Navy is strong, and Kun has Basilisk wardroids and Chaos Fighters. Traya's flagship, the Ravager, is strong and so is the rest of her fleet, while Xizor would just stay on Coruscant. If it was a random encounter and not an ambush, this would be a close draw.

Allies: Ulic, Sion, and Guri are all skilled and capable fighters. Ulic matched Kun's dueling skills, Sion was practically immortal, and Guri could take on Luke Skywalker. If the three got into a fight, it would be a pretty good one. Sion once served under Exar Kun, so it could be possible for Ulic to convince Sion to join them for more poser and together they would defeat Guri. Also, Ulic and Guri could see that Sion is practically immortal and join to start pounding on him. When they've been able to at least incapacitate him, the two would then duel it out. I'd give this one to Ulic, simply because he matched Exar Kun, the greatest duelist of his time, in saber combat.

Theres my contribution. C'mon, Team Exar Kun! We can still win this if we rally!
The duel bit, your right.

Troops yes, but Xizor could also purchase droids and the like from the Black Market he wouldn't be limited just to mercs and none of them would dare betray the Black Sun.

Fleet, in actuality looking at it. Traya's fleet is really piss poor, compared to what Kun has and what Xizor can outfit his own forces with.

Allies your right, however Guri couldn't take on Luke Skywalker when he was actually focused he quickly brought her down unarmed.
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