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01.27.2013 , 10:49 PM | #108
On the ping issue, idk how many of you played on the US servers, but I do remember what it was like. Your game may appear to be running fine, but when you use knock backs, the guy is already behind you, when you hit that insta heal, your already dead, walk over fire pit, oh ............ its on fire.
Not taking sides here but playing with ping is hard and must be extremely frustrating. I do believe its the reason most of us don't want to play another mmo after experiencing the joy of low ping.
To all the mosh haters, yes, he can be a dick, but at least its to your face, and like him or not he does have the skill on a number of classes, but what we all have to remember, is no matter what people say and do, leave my god dam sage and sorc alone! sick of you guys beating on me all the dam time
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