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I currently roll a near pure MM tree spec'd sniper on Jung-Ma (Ettrigan 31/10/0) and have been running with said sniper since pre-release. I can tell you that they have had 2 tree shifts since then and have gotten quite a bit stronger since launch because of all of the nerfs the other classes have had. Ever hear of people begging for a Sniper nerf? Not often. Ever hear of a Jugg or BH nerf? Rhetorical question there. I don't PvP much but I can say that in PvE Snipers are beast. Compared to a Sorc (no offense here) there is really no comparison. Heck, with Ballsitic Dampers, the personal shield probe, and the Ballistic shield down; I can literally tank any champion for a good 5-10 seconds without heals.

From the little PvP I have done, I can say that a Sniper is great.... Until you get knocked out of cover and cc'd.... Then it sucks because you literally have like 5 seconds tops to watch your health drain and then die.

I'm not calling for a nerf of Snipers in any way but I do think, in all fairness, that Sorcs should get a few more utilities to better handle such things. But of course you could just roll a Sniper and then this post would be obsolete...
i dont mind our squishyness, id like to be a true glass cannon, BW can save their defensive cooldowns if theyd just give us some harder hitting abilities

like shock, which is a joke, lightning strike is a joke, affliction and creeping terror are weak dots, thundering blast is weak

however, "cloud mind" our pve threat reducer is a perfect candidate to add a little defensive cooldown too for pvp

maybe make it like WOW's hunters smoke screen, if i cloud mind someone they cannot target me for 4 seconds