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Mosh Will you please shut up about your "lag" issues and stop being a sore loser when you lose one dual ? You know NOTHING and I mean NOTHING about lag issues you complain that your last dual you spiked to 300 ms while your enemy is at 30 ms. While guess what I live in America and have a constant 220-350 ms and you dont hear me complaining on the forums or to anyone because of my ping being so high. You didnt see me coming on here to complain that i lost to Keiga he is better skilled than i am even if i dont have my ping so high. out of the 5 juggys i accept my place as the fifth as to the two juggys from SnX that could not make it i accept my place as 7th juggernut on the server and yes i do have the balls to say this why because i dont care what others on the server or just others in general think about it. Yes i might joke with Keiga that im better than him on vent but we both know even though it doesnt need to be said he is better. You however CLAIM that YOUR the BEST but it has been showed on this forum that you have be weighed you have been measured and have been found wanted by the fact that you have lost one dual and have to come on here and complain the fact that you lost to "lag" you know what if you were so called the best you would have won even with the "lag"

Now to comment on your post :

"What would happen if I played on 30ms connection?
I would be able to play like Jwalsh, Celo, Lycaon and Aznpower(when he was on 30ms). Same skill level just don't get hindered by ping when they need it."

out of the four of these players Celo and Lycaon are and should be the only two players that you named to be feared players Jwaish and Aznpower i rarely even see playing anymore as far as im concerned they do not count. sure they had skill but the fact remains that they dont play as much anymore they do not deserve to be called feared skilled players anymore.

"I believe some ppl are already too bad to care, just don't care or play ranged classes since theyre not as affected by ping nearly as much as a melee. People like me who want to win, care about the little things that screw you over. It's not about taking it too serious, I want to win,what's wrong with wanting to win?"

ppl are bad because you say that they are bad guess what alot of those "bad ppl" you claim are much better than you by far. I like winning and i want to win alot sometimes i have to drop group with guildies because i wish to PvP more hardcore than most of my guildmates wish to play. ill even tell you a secret when i go hardcore pvping i play Britteny Spears music why because i wish to win my matches. you might consider me to be a complete crap player but i dont care because i know better that you think that you are a god player and im telling you here and now that you are not you play in the past you compare yourself to players that either no longer play or dont play as good as they used to learn to accept losing duals


"When am I finally leaving Dalborra?
March 1st. Finally going back to America so time difference will be too great to play here anymore.(I know a lot of you are happy I'm leaving )"

And as to you leaving GOOD leave sooner why dont you. like i said i play in america in the Central time zone not only am i a college student taking 14 hours of classes and have two jobs one of them computer programming i am still able to make all most all my guilds raids and in-house rated pvp and still get enough sleep to function why cant you ? you fail to be unable to mange your time and be so called the best ? LOL

being the better player means learning to accept defeat and move on you have to lose more than you win to learn to win better. a concept you will never learn and you will over look this why i know that is because you thinking winning more than losing makes you the better player which fails all the time.
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