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I actually have a set full power for dueling since I can rely on recklessness for crits.

Have close to 1300 power or something and 23 crit.

In warzones it's fun to mess around with but I feel that my sustained takes a HUGE hit.

With how easy gear is to get might as well give it a go yourself!
I run just about those exact power and crit stats. Not sure how you can say the sustained dps takes a hit. I run 27/0/14 and my highest output has been over 550k with it typically falling in the 300 - 400 range. The auto crit from Energize puts my Shock crits well over 4k. And don't forget about the 9% melee crit bonus in the madness tree that bumps the Thrash crit chance to 32%. Pair that with the 50% crit damage increase on Thrash and I'm hitting for over 2k easily.
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