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Like we used to on Harbinger before xfers, I was pretty bad ***** on my sniper even with a 300+ms although it is alot harder for melee ( the reason i played ranged ) with anything over 250ms most of the time. I do like 1 on 1 duels with most of the ppl on this server and about 80% of the time i'm solo waiting to get ganked
Oh and my ping is around 30ms+......
lol and I thought I was the only one that sat around in the open waiting for ppl to come and try to gank me.

It's nice being considered one of the best and all I'd just rather play everyone on even ground, not slap another melee in the face with him not having a clue that I just did that with a handicap on.

Wish I got medals labeled "handicapped" for whipping 99% of my own classes asses, especially as melee

Meh, I just hate hate when someone says "they're about even on skill". Anytime I see two people dueling, first thing I do is find out both their pings. If they're playing "evenly" and one guy is on 250 and the other 30, hell no they're not even.

Aznpower was the only guardian who could beat mine multiple times in a row even though we both knew we were kist as good as each other.I'm talking like I'd win 1 out of 10 duels with him. I'd been playing with him since he started pvping with guardian. Azn and I are twins in the way we play. As soon as he went from 30ms up to 300+, the 1 out of 10s turned into 7-8 out of 10s. My pings slightly better than his now so now it's his turn to lose more often than not. If we were evenly matched when he was on 30ms I wouldn't have played with him cos I would've thought he sucked.

Moral of the story is, It's suck not being able to play to your full potential

I guess I could compare lag to dragon ball z

450 - 600ms - No super Saiyan
300 - 360ms - Super Saiyan
200 - 260ms - Super Saiyan 2
100 - 160ms - Super Saiyan 3
30 - 75ms - Super Saiyan 4

Come on super Saiyan 4s, how you gonna let Super Saiyan 2s run the pvp