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It's reasons like that, that I'm glad I just turn off General Chat.
that was actually the worst I've ever seen. usually it's really not so bad and if it happens it happens on the fleet. I think the reason why it went as long as it did - and as far as it did - was mostly because there weren't many people on the planet (I think it was about 40) and nobody in chat was talking at all. there were 3-4 people ranting about not getting laid/getting laid all the time and randomly moaning about the new 'gay planet'. it happened out of nowhere, too, so I wouldn't even be too surprised if it was copperfield initiating it (copperfield is on my server and I can assure you he is not just trolling the forums but our server too .. but I don't want to accuse him further, it might have just been some random idiot, after all)