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01.27.2013 , 08:45 PM | #104
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So what about the people who play on 500-600 ms and don't complain a single bit
Good on them, each to their own

I believe some ppl are already too bad to care, just don't care or play ranged classes since theyre not as affected by ping nearly as much as a melee. People like me who want to win, care about the little things that screw you over. It's not about taking it too serious, I want to win,what's wrong with wanting to win? I quit FPS game when I moved to Japan and played on ****** net. Mmorpgs with lag is playable at least.

Not at all saying its always lags fault either. I just rather it always be "I ****ed up" instead of "my net ****ed up" or having to put in extra effort to compinsate for lag.