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I think a big thing is that, until Palpatine, the Republic never fell. No matter the enemy, no matter the threat, the Republic held strong.

It fought the Sith and their puppets mutiple times throughout it's history: Naga Sadow, Exar Kun, Mandalore the Ultimate, Revan, Vitiate, Ruin, and Kaan. Mutiple times it came close to destruction, but it always pulled through.

That's what made the Sith victory of Palpatine all the more important, that the Sith realized that the Republic could never actually be beaten by an outside force because no matter how messed up the Republic was, when enemies attacked the Republic got their "stuff" together and fought it back. It took Palpatine BECOMING the Republic and destroying it from within to finally work, because no threat, no matter HOW powerful was capable of facing it and actually destroying it.
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