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01.27.2013 , 08:15 PM | #6
I respect that you're trying to make up for the bs and harsh things you threw at others on this server, it takes a man to try and make up for actions that you didn't intend to have happen. However, the excuses that you provide for your actions do not make up for what or why you've said the things you said (the post maybe, but days after you're still trying to troll the thread and egg people on?)

Honestly in my eyes I feel like you're just trying to pull the sympathy card and say that because of an accident and medication that you've been using for the 10 years (or so) caused you to do the things you did and try to get us to feel sorry for you, and that to me is kinda inexcusable.

We all have our problems and I'd say that a few of the players on this server and game do take medication for whatever reasons they need to, but they don't act out on it or start calling others names because of this. I take medication for depression (hereditary) and some days I miss it and people can tell, but I still try to stay mature, respectful and try not to be apathetic or let my rage out on others because I feel bad without my medication as I feel anyone would if they were adult about it (I know depression and your disorder are two different fields but I feel the principle is the same.)

But hey, maybe this drug does make you spin out into a raging troll that doesn't think about the consequences of his actions before he posts. Maybe this is all an elaborate thought out apology to try and get us to feel some sympathy and forgive your actions because everyone has seen your true colours. But I for one, don't feel like this was an acceptable excuse and it doesn't sit well with me, but that's just me.

It's gonna be a looong road ahead of you though if you're gonna try to get the republic side to forgive and forget this mess. Some people sure will harbINGER a grudge. See what I did there?... guys? G-guys?...