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Lanser: This way follow me.

Lanser shouted as he ignited his lightsaber. He fended off oncoming stray blaster shots as he led the team to meet sabrina. He noticed the group of rallied prisoners were actually falling back to cover the Pit. The group advanced towards the Pit as the prisoners prepared their defense.

The Pit was a massive hole in the ground and the bottom could not be seen. along the inner perimeter and across the hole was a network of walkways. The prisoners were all on the platforms now waiting for the team to attack.

Lanser: OK we just have to get to elevator platform in the middle and we can evade them. Here's the plan, Vux and Lukarna hop down to that close platform and lay down cover fire. Sabrina and I will hack our way through to the Elevator. When a path is clear run to us.

Lanser charged the Pit and hoped down to the closest platform. He force pushed two prisoners of the edge sending them into the Pit. He then whipped out his lightsaber in time to meet the vibroblade of another prisoner. He swung his blade at Lanser, who ducked and parried it with his saber. This left the prisoner open. With a quick flick of his wrist Lanser hit the prisoner in the face with the lightsaber's handle sending him stumbling backwards. Before he could recover lanser shoved his blade through the prisoner's body and watched it drop to the floor. He looked up and saw more brawlers headed his way.
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