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The League of Illumination.

Guild Name: The League of Illumination.
Faction: Republic.
Guild Website: None.
What we cover: Helping each other out, having a friendly chat, and occasional Warzones and Flashpoints.
Who we cater for: Casual. We're for anyone and everyone, really. We accept anyone who's willing to be friendly.
Guild Master: Faralone.
Guild Officers: Ysmari.
In-game Contatcts: Faralone, Ysmari- or Imperials (more active) Hezon, Varanon and Vyxan.
Sister Guild (other Faction): The League of Shadows.
Operation Days/Times: Any time anyone wants to we try and organise.
Operation Progression: Don't do Ops, just FPS/WZs and casual stuff.
PvP/Rated Warzones: Yes, Warzones.
Recruiting (Yes/No): Always!
Currently Recruiting (Classes/Roles/Levels): Anyone!
About Us/Description/Info: A newer guild, a lot newer than the League of Shadows but with a lot of the same members from the original guild. We're growing fast as we have transferring members and people who like the idea of a casual guild on both sides.
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