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01.27.2013 , 06:21 PM | #13
Should be perfectly fine if you have the latest version of nvidia inspector.

And yes, 0x000012C1 must be put manually in there. Just copy and paste it there right next to "Antialiasing compatibility".

0x000012C1 is what is called an AA flag, there is a big thread in guru3d forums about many AA flag for many games. However the one they show there for SWTOR isn't as good as the one I'm mentioning here.

This 0x000012C1 flag is intended with Sparse Grid Supersampling ( SGSSAA ) only, if you try another form of AA you might get missing textures here and there. Not to mention there will be jaggies everywhere, maybe less jaggies but they ll still be there. Anyway, if something goes wrong you can always restore the profile to its default in the nvidia inspector. It won't break your computer or your game. Feel free to experiment.

4x Multisampling AA + 4x SGSSAA was the best AA I found but it might make the game very heavy if you don't have a graphics card powerful enough. Reducing it to 4x Multisampling AA +2x SGSSAA might be a good idea if your card is weaker than a gtx 680. There' ll be some jaggies but it won t look as bad as in-game AA.

Play a bit with the settings to see what suits you the most. The best combination is multisampling AA (MSAA) + SGSSAA . Other combinations might make textures disappear or make the LOD BIAS -1.000 or -3.000 useless (no shiny textures).

I accidentally found a post by some random guy that I can't find anymore, saying that 0x000012C1 works better with SWTOR, only when applying SGSSAA. Apparently it does, so thank you random guy. Combined with the maximum pre-rendered frames to 1 and LOD bias to -1.000, the game looks incredible, plays really smooth and we get shiny textures on top of it giving an even more sci-fi look to the game.