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As far as Anakin being whiny, he still is in the Clone Wars. He is constantly defying the council, because he knows better. He tells his padawan to do as he says not as he does. In the first episode(aka the movie), he was assigned Ashoka by Yoda in order to start to change his ways by giving him the responsiblity of being a mentor.

As for the Clones, the Clones are bred to be the perfect soldiers, "following every command without question". In the game "Republic Commando" they had a narrative where a clone explained how Order 66 affected the clones. This particular clone explained how the only thing that kept him and his squad alive was his Jedi commander, Aayla Secura. He said that it was a good thing that the helmets covered thier faces, implying that they cried as they followed the order to terminate thier commander. The clones were not cold blooded killers they were bred to do a job and part of that job was to kill the enemies of the Chancellor.