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Don't you listen? There is every reason! Why? Because unlike with Star Trek - JJ Abrams is coproducing with Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy. He's also co-producing with Kasdan and Kinberg. And has George Lucas as a consultant, who as a fan, will listen to. So thats 4 other people and a company. Not to mention the fact he's late to the party, Micheal Ardnt has already begun writing the script. And lets also remember that Star Wars is a whole different story. Its a ongoing saga not a reboot, so Abrams has to work within some sort of structure already set out for him. Disney has by no means handed the movie to Abrams like Viacom did Star Trek.

And finally Star Trek is a critically acclaimed film. So if it turns out anything like that, I'm happy. Personally I'd love to see Star Wars get at score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and win an Oscar.
lol, stop with the oscar thing, k. trek won for best makeup, not best movie or best director or anything like that. the other three nominations were also for technical stuff.

he isnt really all that late to the party. he is actually early to the party compared to his hiring for the trek movies. how is this any dif the trek? if you look at both projects, this really isnt starting out any dif than how trek started out. writers for trek were already hired and working before JJ was hired, same as with start wars. planning for the trek film had been in planning for a longer time than the planning for ep 7 has been. and as with trek, once JJ, his partners and his production company were hired, everything that was already done was subject to change.

i think Kasdan and Kinberg are working on seperate projects? last i read they are working on seperate star wars projects since disney has plans for more than just a trilogy of films. they also have said( been leaked ) that there will be some one off films based in the star wars universe that will/may be totally unrelated to 7, 8 ,9.

could be worse i guess, apparently disney was all set to hand the job to affleck. but at the last minute steven s convinced abrams to take the job( he had turned it down initially ). makes me wonder, just how much say lucas actually has. i dont think he has any say or input to be honest. i think he probably called his buddy steven in a panic and begged steven to talk JJ into taking the job to stop disney from handing over his lifes work to ben affleck. lol. yeah, i may not love JJ abrams, but he is def better than ben affleck.
can't wait for this game to come out!