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I think the Emperor's death would destroy the Empire. The Dark Council would squabble over who should be Emperor, leading to a battle between all of them. The Sith have always fallen apart without a strong leader, and start killing each other to get a chance to rule, hence the Rule of Two. Unless Marr puts the entire Council in its place, the Dark Council is going to be destroyed. Which pretty much beheads the Empire.

I don't know, but it will be interesting to see how it all ends. I wasn't there to see how Galaxies ended (though I would probably end up back on my moisture farm like the good Uncle Owen I am ), so I intend to stick around for the finale.
Honestly, i think they would manage.
Even with the emperor there is mass infighting in the dark council...
Without the emperor, i'd see Mortis, basically in charge of law, or Marr take the lead. That or Darth Knox and the Wrath together.
If thats not possible, Knox. Pyramid of ancient knowledge seems like something an emperor would be the head of, and shes probably the most powerful other than the Wrath...
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