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i do think disney was the lesser of all evils as far as what hollywood studio lucas decided to sell star wars off too. but to think disney cares more for star wars or any franchise more than paramount cares about star trek isnt really true. the fact the disney did the exact same thing paramount/viacom did by putting the movie into the hands of JJ Abrams, his partner and his production company, says they are not being more protective of the star wars franchise than the owners of the trek movie franchise were.

JJ will make a movie that will make money and disney will be happy. but there is no reason to believe the new star wars movie is going really be any dif than the trek movies JJ has made.
Don't you listen? There is every reason! Why? Because unlike with Star Trek - JJ Abrams is coproducing with Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy. He's also co-producing with Kasdan and Kinberg. And has George Lucas as a consultant, who as a fan, will listen to. So thats 4 other people and a company. Not to mention the fact he's late to the party, Micheal Ardnt has already begun writing the script. And lets also remember that Star Wars is a whole different story. Its a ongoing saga not a reboot, so Abrams has to work within some sort of structure already set out for him. Disney has by no means handed the movie to Abrams like Viacom did Star Trek.

And finally Star Trek is a critically acclaimed film. So if it turns out anything like that, I'm happy. Personally I'd love to see Star Wars get at score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and win an Oscar.