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There honestly isn't a A > B > C > D> E ... because that is not how the trade offs work in this game.

As a sage, you can trade between willpower and endurance, crit and power, and surge and alacrity. While leveling, you might as well take whatever new gear you find that has a net increase the non-endurance stats I listed. You'll be churning through replacements faster than its worth stopping to optimize. Once you get to 50, I recommend the following.

Willpower > Endurance always
Crit Rating > Power until total chance over 30%. Once there, take a mix while keeping your crit rating below 400
Surge > Alacrity until surge rating over 65%. Once there, take a mix while keeping your surge rating under 75%

For augments, take Willpower.

Finally, always choose unlettered mods when giving the choice.