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You will get no argument from me that the derp-smash spec needs a nerf. However, I think you miss the point.

The problem with that spec isn't that smash is capable of 6k crits. It is that getting them is far too easy. They need to adjust the procs and cooldowns that guarantee the massive crits on low cooldown.
Getting them far too easy is just part of the problem, the others being that it's an AOE, virtually unavoidable, a force attack that never misses, and hits harder than any single target move in the game, coupled with the fact that it's on a class that happens to have 3 other big hitting moves, and in the case of marauder, stupidly good defensive cooldowns (and Juggs aren't exactly easy to kill when theirs are up too). The last being they stack power/surge and forgo any crit rating at all and still do well, because of this auto-crit mechanic.

There is no problem with making certain classes have a hard-hitting ability they have to work for while others are more about sustained damage. We are never going to have 6k-plus auto crits on 5 people. If that is what you want, you might as well roll derp-smash spec now. The problem is the sustained damage we are supposed to get just isn't up to standard. It needs a slight buff to bring us up to the damage output potential of some of the other DPS classes. Separately, derp-smash needs a nerf to make it more than a faceroll spec.
Well, no I don't want to roll a derp-smash, but I only want the 6k death field auto-crits if smash is here to stay in its current form. It wasn't that long ago they deemed Chain-Lightnin wrath procs too good, but here we sorcs are eating 7k smashes with alarming regularity. How come? So on the proviso smash is here to stay, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for 6k death field auto-crits. What's good for the goose and all that.