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I have an idea, just pretend the dummy has 1300 expertise exactly and so do you.....then its negligible and should amount to the same damage.
If I am reading your above post correctly I do not think you understand how expertise works, and why it is needed on the operation dummy. For example:

Let us say I have all gear equal but I want to test two different headgears:
Dread Guard Force-Master's Headgear
488 Armor (Rating 150)
+125 Endurance
+144 Willpower
+57 Critical Rating
+60 Surge Rating

Champion War Hero Force-Master's Headgear
501 Armor (Rating 154)
+112 Endurance
+104 Willpower
+110 Expertise Rating
+58 Critical Rating
+56 Alacrity Rating

On a PVE dummy I could see the actual differences of swapping the two. However because expertise is not accounted for, I have no way of knowing how much better or worse swapping a part or two of my PvP gear for PvE set items. I can't "ignore" expertise rating as it accounts for 110 of a stat on pvp gear!

Please fix this!
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