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That was a fantastic read! says The New York Times.
Rolling Stones calls it gripping.

lets be honest if im typing something its usually bad because i pretty much only type something if the game is going bad or people are being stupid and well you are completely stupid. honestly i was about to just kick you a week ago just because you were just another person that over talked them self and we had a little try out period with and was no good but now this. I guarantee if you are in the top pvp guild on your server and actually on their rated team (I really hope not) that your entire server will get their faces smashed in by about lets see...... every single Rated team on this server. Not an exaggeration and no im not insulting your server so you trolls that may happen to read this on that server dont say anything. You Leijei are honestly just that bad, and i have watched your geared character games on that other server, it is painful to watch it hurts my heart to see a shadow or sin played that badly. I may hate every single damn assassin but I have 10x's the amount of respect for them then you. (dont get soft on me you impies trust me thats still not much haha) hating the opposite faction and mainly your opposite class is normal to me so dont take it to bad.

leijei when you first joined the guild and i played a game or two with you i offered to help you learn shadow or gear and you turned me down saying you knew everything about it so i backed off let you do your thing, but man you need more help than i think you even realize.
Divino. I blame myself for not doing more to persuade Goof Troop from taking this Leijei joke. I vaguely remember this horrible player from our old server Master GD, and should have said more about not taking him then I did. I think I remember that a long time ago he tried to get into my guild and i denied him on the fact that he is a dumb a** and just a pure horrible player. That being said I feel bad that Goof Troop had to deal with him and the situation he presented. I hope he just leaves and goes back to whatever server he came back from. But we can only hope

P.S give Hype a High Five from me for gkicking him, wish i was there. I love a good kicking.