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01.27.2013 , 11:56 AM | #31
Costello, i completely agree with you sir. I have been unimpressed with the cartel store to date also. with the exception of the axes (which are ugly imo) and a few of the hidden "rare" items (ie crystals, speeders, pets) in the over glorified cartel packs (total waste of cc's) nearly all the "armor" they have put on the CM has been retooled from stuff i have actually worn in game, i'm sorry, but taking ingame items, retooling them into sets with a little recoloring does not constitute something as "new" at all. if i can get it in game for free, why in my right mind would i pay that much for it on the cartel market? i'm a subscriber, i've also been playing since the prelaunch early access, and i'm seriously disappointed with the direction this game has went. the developer attitude now seems to be "lets put more shinys on the cartel market it to blind them from the game crippling bugs we dont seem to want to fix"

Such a waste of what could have been a wonderful game...