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01.27.2013 , 11:36 AM | #5
I haven't raided with it yet so I'm also wondering how much harder it will be to multi dot and manage force as well. Force management is my biggest concern and so far what I noticed is I end up lasting longer now on the dummy than I did before without using consumption by about 30 secs. I attribute this to having more points total between reserves and electric induction but then again I never tried putting all my points in those 2 and leaving out Convection before. In any case, that is a dummy and like you guys pointed out a heavy movement raid fight may destroy my force.

I also will call myself out here because I swear I never had force management issues before but I must have done something with my rotation lately that is causing me to run out of force or use consumption after about 4 minutes of continuous dps. I'll keep working on that but I point this out because someone much better at force management might be seeing completely different results then me on this whole thing.

I might look into Sith Defiance and instant whirlwind, but for now I'll just say that I use Devour and Parasitism as a personal choice since it doesn't really add to dps. I am also hoping that the points in Haunting presence will now make those self heals even better, so I guess there's that too Maybe I'll swap out corrupted flesh for Sith Defiance or something like that. Either way, I see those as just fillers to get to creeping terror so I'm not too concerned there.

Thanks for all the advice though. I do appreciate it. I'll play around with this a bit more just because I do want to see how force management will be with this but I have a feeling its probably going to go as you guys predicted I'll make sure to share once I find out.