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01.27.2013 , 11:16 AM | #77
Ok so we can save how many bars, how many frames etc. on the interface editor. How about the following things that need to be able to be saved/used across an account:

Save Quickslot/Hotbar actual skills ie, re-arranging these bars when going from a Heal Spec to DPS Spec or Tank to DPS Spec really gets un-nerving and time consuming. Its rather sad I've practically done a hand written method to keep track of 12 different toons configurations that cannot be saved??? everything else on the screen can be manipulated and saved... Make those as well (even if just for skills).

FRIENDS/IGNORE List - dear god if I have to mirror these manually any longer across 12 toons I think I will have to check into the insane asylum. Especially the ignore list with all the gold farmers/spamers! But most importantly I'd like to know when my friends are online you know in this MMO (incase you for got its Massive MULTIPLAYER Online) heh...

Is that too much to ask? These already are being saved somewhere (otherwise when we logout they'd disappear) make it available!