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01.27.2013 , 11:02 AM | #4
Verfallen addressed some of my concerns, the biggest of which would be force management.

Part of why the extra ticks of Affliction are nice is that you have to re-apply it less often, which means more casting force lighting, which normally regenerates force in a full madness build. One of the biggest ways to start running low on force is to constantly re-apply Affliction before it runs out. Particularly in multi-boss fights (toth & zorn, firebrand & stormcaller, etc.), multi dotting is great both for increasing DPS and ensuring procs. But that is likely to eat your force faster in this build. Also, if I put points in both reserves and electric induction with a 3/7/31 build, I can use shock now and again without running into force issues. This adds some DPS, particularly in heavy movement fights. I can't imagine that would be possible in this build.

The additional healing might be nice, but it really doesn't help you at all in a PvE scenario. The healers' job is to keep you up. Your job is to DPS while avoiding damage spikes from the bosses.

How long was the fight you ran on the dummy with this build, and did you have any force management issues?

I honestly don't know if the increased DPS from Death Field is enough to off-set what you might lose by having to hit consumption.