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People want to see sorcs buffed alot because marauder is their base line, and can you blame them, when marauders have been roflstomping wzs for months on end now, and sorcs have had successive (unwarranted) nerfs? Did you see that thread about the person monitoring the big hitting moves in wzs, knights/warriors had 4 of the top 8, and unsurprisingly, sorcs didn't have any and even mercs get in there. And not only that 88.5% were smash/sweep.
You will get no argument from me that the derp-smash spec needs a nerf. However, I think you miss the point.

The problem with that spec isn't that smash is capable of 6k crits. It is that getting them is far too easy. They need to adjust the procs and cooldowns that guarantee the massive crits on low cooldown.

There is no problem with making certain classes have a hard-hitting ability they have to work for while others are more about sustained damage. We are never going to have 6k-plus auto crits on 5 people. If that is what you want, you might as well roll derp-smash spec now. The problem is the sustained damage we are supposed to get just isn't up to standard. It needs a slight buff to bring us up to the damage output potential of some of the other DPS classes. Separately, derp-smash needs a nerf to make it more than a faceroll spec.