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Please explain why the smash needs to be the hardest hitting attack, and AOE, and automatically crit all while being able to hit up to 5 targets. Compare it to death field.

Death field is a talent. Smash is baseline.
You cannot reduce death fields cool down. You can spec to reduce smashs cooldown, and proc even more reductions.
Death field can hit up to 3 targets. Smash can hit up to 5 targets.
Death field's critical chance is never anywhere near 100%. It's trivial to make smash critically hit every single time it's used.
Death field on a full warhero sorc can crit for about 4.5k, with a critical hit chance of about 35%.
Smash can crit for 7.5k or more. When I say "can", what I really mean is it WILL crit every single time.
Death field has a 30m range. Smash has a 5m range, however, force leap has a 30m range, and it makes smash auto-crit, so in practice, the range difference is almost irrelevant.

There is a very simple reason why people say smash is over powered.

It is.

Of course, that isn't the whole story. Fact: one spec in this game has 4 moves that all hit for more then 5k. That same class also has the hardest hitting attack in the game, that can hit up to 5 targets. The same class also has arguably the best defensive cooldowns in the game.
Fact: no other class has multiple moves in the same spec that can hit for over 5k, some classes have no such moves with any spec.
I don't even death field recruits for 4.5k at nearly 900 FP, *** am i doing wrong there?