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Vux was thrown out of his chair when the attack began, reminded of his dislike of ships as he began getting to his feet. Given the order to repel down, he made his way to the ropes and saw the Sith woman jump first and for a moment assumed she was fleeing for her own life. The veteran muttered under his breath about Sith cowardice while attaching himself to the rope along his canine ally, watching the Revanite leap out as well. Vux immediately followed suit, jumping out of the dropship and trying to get to the ground as quickly as possible.

Enemy fire whizzed past him as he descended, one bolt actually severing his cord and putting him into free fall. Luckily he was only about 8 feet above the ground, so when he hit the ground he was in a bit of pain, but still able to fight. "Reporting for duty!" Vux scrambled to his feet and pulled out his scattergun before forming up near the Revanite, "Give me the order to open fire and I'll waste them all!"

Not too far away he could see the Sith woman standing her ground, and while part of him wanted to see her get overrun she was an important part of the mission. "Should we assist her sir? We can make a dash to her position."
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