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in other news, a 'nice' conversation on aldeeran yesterday that started with 'ew gay to come soon' turned into 'all women want an ******e', one guy complaining about never gettign laid because he's a nice guy and another guy claiming he's 'friends with many women' and apparently 'fkced them all'

mind you, this conversation occured at about 11pm server time on a saturday.

when I chirped in saying 'when a girl tells you that you're a nice guy and makes it obvious that she's not interested it means you lack personality' I was promptly called a ***.

oh joy. oh joy.

it's exactly these things why I sometimes HATE bw austin for not putting sgra in from the start, so these people would have never touched the game to begin with.

(yes, I want to pretend all the people who enjoy the same games I do are cool people. naive, I know )
Yes, bw clearly should have dealt with this issue dragon-age style , so that we wouldn't be having such problems...on the other side, I can't say I'm not amused every time I see a dumb reaction on know, comedy to being called a*** after expressing your views, I wouldn't expect anything better from such people...although I must admit they have a small point. Some part of what you said made no sense. It happens a lot, but is , imo, a really nasty/insulting thing to do..and explaining it made you seem like one of those who do it, so I can (understand is too strong but anyway) understand their reaction...why on earth would a kind person tell you ,you are nice when they think you lack personality?? What's nice about lacking personality? Honesty would be more educative and productive....and now we are swimming in seas, far away from the topic of this thread...