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01.27.2013 , 08:48 AM | #43
in other news, a 'nice' conversation on aldeeran yesterday that started with 'ew gay to come soon' turned into 'all women want an ******e', one guy complaining about never gettign laid because he's a nice guy and another guy claiming he's 'friends with many women' and apparently 'fkced them all'

mind you, this conversation occured at about 11pm server time on a saturday.

when I chirped in saying 'when a girl tells you that you're a nice guy and makes it obvious that she's not interested it means you lack personality' I was promptly called a ***.

oh joy. oh joy.

it's exactly these things why I sometimes HATE bw austin for not putting sgra in from the start, so these people would have never touched the game to begin with.

(yes, I want to pretend all the people who enjoy the same games I do are cool people. naive, I know )