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It was an awesome episode. I wanted Vizla to win that fight, even though I knew Maul was, one thing I don't like about this arc is how it is VERY fast-paced, unlike other arcs. Weird to think that this is all Sidious's fault sort of, since he ordered Dooku to kill Ventress who then got Opress and found Maul and made a criminal empire and killed Vizla. If Opress never found Maul he would still be a crazy lunatic half-ant crawling around on some lava planet
Ha ha! So true. Silly Sidious.

Speaking of Ventress, I can't wait to see her in future episodes. By far my favourite TCW character.

However concerning this episode, it has plus and minuses. On the plus side it was all round epic, especially the fight between Maul and Pre Vizla. The story was also excellent too, and I like how their Mandalorians are now split. I also like how they brought back the Prime Minister.

What's great about this episode though is that is a big shutupinyourface for all those Mando-snobs who constantly complained about the New Mandalorians. Well look guys! Guess what? The writers thought that this would be a more interesting story than have some Mando clan make a cameo and get put down by the Republic, or not appear at all. Boy, people can't see good storytelling when its right in their face.

But on to the minuses. It was, as many people have said, a little too face-paced, as was the last episode. That's what was good about the Youngling and Droid arcs, they had a good sense of pace. And another thing, I though at least two scenes where clearly painted, and didn't look very real at all. Namely when you see a wide shot of the Mando base, and a long shot of the Sundari dome. Does anyone else agree? But that's a minor point, altogether awesome episode.