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01.27.2013 , 07:46 AM | #122
Howdy all!! Are you looking for a great guild to join, and grow with? Taw is the place to be. We have a website, TS3 server, and a whole lot more. Play more then one game? Taw is in tons of games and always expanding into more!!

Are you a PvPer? Taw is building ranked war zone teams on both factions. We are getting close and looking forward to stepping into the big world of RWZ!! PvP nights are Mon and Weds, with Monday being the goal for Ranked night!

Do you do ops? Taw has many fireteams on both factions. We have progression groups as well as gearing groups. Raid nights are Tues, and Thurs, with Friday as a pick up guild raid night. We also group daily for HM FP's.

Love leveling alts? Many members of Taw have alts spread thru out the levels, and are up for grouping for some leveling, as well fp, and pre-50 pvp.

If you are interested in getting more information feel free to message me on here, or when in game, do a search for "taw" and talk to any member.

Look forward to seeing you out there in battle!!

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