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01.27.2013 , 06:58 AM | #6
So im trying 2 get the last piece of columi(pants). Now im still pretty green at this but I can do my most basic requirement which is to heal and aid with cc and interupt/ help kill adds when the fight is going well. Not sure if im just bad or I keep getting groups that dont work. Always seem to get melted in that fight( green lasers/ turret fire/ claw). I stay away from green and red circles.
I think also theres a bug. When I was runing back from death, missle and circles were coming through walls and getting me all the way from start point. Soon as rez happened imediate attack so i couldnt run back to help. Is this normal? Geuss im just frustated about this one FP and I dont like moving on. I like 2 learn what the right thing 2 do is and then move on.