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Dear Devs,

I have been playing swtor since beta. I have always had one of the best guilds on my server. I run the raid group that has the only NiM timed run EC on the server. My guild had 3 8 mans when EC launched. We have lost 98% of our player base due to end game content not being released in a timely fashion. We recruited a lot of people to end up with one 8 man group when tfb launched.

EC nightmare has a loot table that only needs you to clear it 4x to get all of the loot. The expansion says nothing about a new operation and the announcements say it could be released as late as May. I look around at my guild and no one is in it that did HM EC.

If you want to keep your end game player base you NEED to release END GAME content faster. Being able to craft all end game gear so you never have to kill the bosses is a stupid move. When we killed NiM Kephass no one needed the loot. This gives little incentive to keep progression raiding going let alone do it after the first kill.

25% of my raid group is going FTP and going to raid off credits until new content is released. I think more of my raid team will quit before you release new content. If that happens I will quit too. I do not like having to recruit new people for each new raid. Some loss is reasonable but replacing a new raid group every content patch is not. This is a dead game if you can not release END GAME content faster, and if you can not create a loot system to sustain raiding after the first kill.