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For mods you have four choices:
Advanced Weighted Mod 27 (low End, high Abs)
Advanced Weighted Mod 27B (high End, low Abs)
Advanced Deflecting Mod 27 (low End, high Def)
Advanced Deflecting Mod 27B (high End, low Abs)

Your decisions for each piece should come from the balancing of absorb vs. defense and mitigation vs. endurance, to whatever your play style and/or optimal stats are. I don't know what the exact numbers of each would be for a good gear build, but you can figure that out by what your current stats are and what you would like to move towards in terms of stat goals.

For enhancements you only have two options:
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 27 (Def) <-- also has analog "steadfast"
Advanced Bulwark Enhancement 27 (Abs)

Same goes for here in balancing defense and absorb. These two enhancements are both high endurance and don't favor mitigation, but for whatever reason low endurance enhancement archetypes don't exist past the 25 level, though they would be BiS for mitigation purposes.