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It should be pointed out that we are still recruiting in general, including under 50s. However, lately we have been having issues with forming a full group and have a proper go at NiM Kephess. We may not seem like it and even though we stylise ourselves as a casual guild we had Republic 1 and Server 2 clear of HM EC back on Vornskr and are confident of downing NiM provided we actually have a skilled team available. Some of our top raiders are sadly no longer available due to RL issues. A successful Tank/DPS applicant will have a guaranteed place on our Friday and Saturday runs starting at 9 EST. We have a lot of good healers but could still use replacements.

Our policy on non-progression runs is "if you are asked to sit out this week due to over-subscription, you are given preference next week".

It cannot be stressed enough that we will take skill and/or willingness to learn over gear and will endeavour to help you out with gearing in any way possible.
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