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Not going to lie, Sorcerer is very, very poor. Though, for some reason I'm deeply in love with the class. I think it's maybe somewhere deep in the back of my mind I get the impression that they MUST be getting buffed with the upcoming expansion. As of right now, Sorcs (and mirror) are like the only class where you actually have to run to survive (EDIT: Mercs aswell maybe).

Sure Snipers are a pure DPS class and deserve to have more DPS than Sorcs, I can completely agree with that, but that should be by a reasonable margin. The ONLY way for a Sorc to beat a sniper is through LOS if you're lucky enough, or if they decide to lay down and willingly die / completely ignore you.

As I said, I'll continue to play my Sorc in hoping that they get a decent buff with the expansion.

EDIT: Sorcs really need their DPS abilitys altered, currently they are very boring to play. Loads of cast times, constant spamming of same ability is very dull.

EDIT: A Sniper can counter just about any class given they get an Entrench up at the right time. I currently have a 41 Sniper and can 1v1 just about everyone even from level 30 onwards (yes I know pre50 pvp is a bad example but it's all I have). They just get kind of boring being pure DPS always.
entrench is a ridiculously short cooldown, especially spec'd